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Your presence on The Internet grows increasingly important

Nearly everyone has heard of companies like Amazon and eBay who have garnered tremendous success through internet marketing. Having a presence on the internet, to accompany good marketing materials, has never been more important than now. “The Web” has changed the way that the world does business.

Web searches for products and services are at an all time high

The continued growth of online shopping and the increase in internet searches are great reasons to consider a new website or an update of your current site. You need to be seen. Don't let your competitors push you to the back of the line. Take advantage of this relatively inexpensive and very popular way to market your business, today!

World Internet Usage Statistics

Optimized for speed and basic search engine recognition

Some websites are far less efficient, because they are built with all the page styling information included in the pages. Not only does this slow down the load time, it makes the website difficult to update and maintain.

My sites are built using external CSS pages (stylesheets) and to help your website work more efficiently. With external stylesheets, it is possible to make style changes to the entire website by editing one page. The need to look through countless pages to find every instance of a certain piece of style information is eliminated.

It is widely believed code errors negatively affect search engine rankings. I code to the current web standards and validate all my sites using the W3C Markup Validation Service. Validation not only helps me check my work by pointing out any errors, it helps make your site accessible to people with disabilities.

Not all sites are created equal

You probably have a favorite browser. Maybe you use Internet Explorer® or Safari. There are several popular web browsers being used to navigate The Internet. Some people even continue use older versions of popular browsers, even though they don't work properly for the current web standards. I make sure to check all my sites in all the popular web browsers and even in some of the older versions, to ensure consistent performance and proper display for the vast majority of people.

There is an up charge for Internet Explorer 6 compatibility testing, as it takes much more time to accommodate this outdated browser.

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