This client is a former Intuit "build your own" website customer. The client wasn't satisfied with the limited choices and additional upcharges associated with her Intuit website.

The site is completely custom, from the graphic design files to the finished, hand coded website.
Finished Studio Styling Salon Website

This logo, for Trackspeed's Order Zone, was designed with simplicity and symbolism in mind. The ability to be reproduce the logo in two colors was important.

Designed and built for Trackspeed, LLC, this corporate website is designed to showcase the company's portfolio of web-based B2B software solutions.

This site was designed while I was employed as the in-house designer for Trackspeed, LLC. Trackspeed has since gone out of business. Hosted Example

Website for Corporate Career Catalyst, a unique and effective program, preparing young minorities for transitions in the professional world.

Website: here

KPI Scorecard was a web-based, B2B cost tracking solution from Trackspeed, LLC. I designed the logo, the web site, and the Six Easy Steps Flash animation (click the graphic in the hosted example).

Hosted Example

An illustration for a SmartMRO presentation. It represents an integrated service supply facility.

This illustration was pulled from rough sketches and a written explanation of the concept. The fork trucks, palette jacks, vans, palettes, boxes and such were all added by me to improve the overall aesthetic and to add interest.