My name is Craig Skoney. I used to be a graphic artist and front–end developer, in the metropolitan Detroit area.

I once specialized in designing and coding web sites. I now specialize in watching TV and arguing with people on social media sites.

Web Site Design & Coding

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Business Graphics

Since You Asked…

Some of my earliest memories are of drawing and painting. I was told, in first grade, after winning a district wide poster contest, I should become a “commercial artist”. The poster I created was used to promote the local library. It seems I always liked art and design—even when I didn't know what design was.

I started learning to build web pages in late 1999, out of curiosity. By the middle of 2000, I was offered a job with a multimedia firm as a web designer. I felt was in a bit over my head, but I took the job and worked there successfully until I left to try my hand at freelance work. I've been working at it pretty regularly ever since, with one stop at a web technology firm (in 2007) that lasted about 18 months. I was let go shortly before the firm went out of business.

I usually don’t have much difficulty picking up on new things, provided we’re not talking about programming languages. I tend to lose interest in studying programming, though I use a bit of PHP code to help make the websites I build easier to update and maintain. I admit I have an interest in jQuery and all the wonderful things it can do. As time permits, I'll study it more.

I still enjoy the challenge of creating a design and coding it. I also enjoy that web design is a constantly evolving field. I admit it can sometimes be frustrating dealing with certain web browsers and how they handle code *cough* Internet Explorer *cough*. Things haven't gotten frustrating enough to make me give up, yet. YET…

I read at least one thing related to visual design every day. I love paging through publications related to graphic design, interior design, architecture, art, science, and many other creative things.

I sometimes lose sleep, thinking about a project more than I should. I take great pride in my work.

Thank's for taking the time to read about me.


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