My name is Craig Skoney. I used to be a graphic artist and front–end developer, in the metropolitan Detroit area.

I once specialized in designing and coding web sites. I now specialize in watching TV and arguing with people on social media sites.

Studio Styling Salon


Corporate Career Catalyst

Flyer - Card Combination

Brochure Design

Stationery & Cards

Business Graphic

Vormator Book Entry

Business Graphic

Order Zone

KPI Scorecard

Hush Hush Style

Custom Web Design And More…

I provide custom web design, custom graphic design, and updates to existing advertising materials and web sites. I have experience with installation of—and plug ins for—WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce and phpBB. I have created custom templates for Wordpress. I can help you purchase domain names, find the right hosting account, and set up your Email addresses. I can also help you with setting up a “Blog”, a forum, eCommerce or even if you would like to set up a facebook fan page!

My custom websites are deigned for efficiency and speed, every step of the way. Your new site will load fast, the files will be easy to find and your pages and navigation will be easy as possible to update.

Don't Limit Yourself!

Let me start you on your way to full control of your site with a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS will allow you to edit your own site and host it where you choose; not where someone says you have to. And the best thing is it is yours, to do with as you please. Not happy with your hosting? Move your site elsewhere!

Contact Me

Contact me today, for a completely custom, hand coded web solution, a content management system, a software installation, a new flyer, a brochure, or even the smallest update to your website. Just Email me the details of your project. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.